Monday, August 23, 2010

Virtual carbon footprints

The thing we've got to remember out here in cyberspace is that we may just be disconnecting signifiers from signifieds. The signs we set up may just be misty concepts pointing into a fog without any substance.

We're posting stuff onto Facebook and Twitter that some people read, endorse, like, get lost in and forget. We're stepping outside of our real lives to carve our names into a tree that doesn't even exist. We're graffiti-tagging the walls of the unreal to remind people that, here, there, somewhere, we are desperate to be heard. We're putting down signatures without the personality of our own handwritings. We're calling out words without the resonance of our own voices. We are, perhaps, dwelling in the domain of non-being. We are tenting in the campsite of disintegration.

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