Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A parable

A long time ago there was a large, walled city with no name that was the envy of the ancient world. However, its reputation was built merely on hearsay, for the only people allowed in and out of the giant city gates were the people who came from the city, and those people never spoke of their own country to those who did not belong to it. 

As rumours grew of the wealth of the city with no name, more and more people wanted to find out what was going on behind its walls. Kings and politicians were particularly interested in the wealth that they might find there. 

At last, a greedy young king from another great city took his soldiers and waged war on the city with no name. The war raged on for many years until, at last, the king, now old, and his men were able to break through the main gate. By then, so many lives had been lost. Most of the people of the city with no name were dead. 

It was certainly a revelation to the invaders to discover that there was nothing within the walls but some tents, humble farm fields and a few sheep and cattle. There was no wealth at all to speak of. 

"Why do you have such high walls?" the old greedy king asked one of the few surviving locals.
"These walls are the legacy of our forefathers," said the man. "The walls are to help us to protect what we have."
"But you have nothing!" exclaimed the king.
"Dear king," said the man. "You have conquered the city, and are now its ruler. It is no longer we who have nothing, but you."

And the king wept. Finally it had been revealed to him what he'd been searching for his entire life.

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  1. Nothing? Or one massive (and walled) parking lot!