Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thoughts at 23h11

It's pretty late, though not impossibly late, and I'm sitting here in my kitchen with a cup of tea after what has been a really hard, long week. My thought for the day comes in the form of a question: isn't it amazing how we spend most of our time planning for a future that may not exist? We work really hard sometimes, and maybe the work isn't going to lead to anything. I think acknowledging this may be a good way of figuring out whether or not the things we are busy with now are in fact worthwhile. If the future never happens, at least you can say, "Well, hey, I think what I'm doing now is valuable, even if it never sees the light of tomorrow!"

Now, in preparation for this tomorrow that may not exist, I'm going to do something that I definitely deem worthwhile: I'm going to sleep.

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